Yali capkini episode 61 with english subtitles

Episode 61 of Yali Capkini featuring English subtitles. Why did Seyran ignore the second marriage, and why did Ferit insist that he had never chosen to get married?

They had no intention of getting married to one another.
Furthermore, believing they were being tricked, Ferit and Seyran chose to be married again after losing faith in their first marriage.

Regarding Seyran:

Yali capkini episode 61 with english subtitles

1. She needed to give Ferit back the life he had risked for her;

2. She would have been forced to return to Gaziantep and resume her life as a slave if she had had any other choice.
Ferit was tricked and led to believe a lie; he married Siran because he thought she loved him and wanted to protect her, otherwise else he would not have married anyone.

“Anger to stifle affection”
Seyran informs Pelin that she is pregnant and departs the palace, pleading with her to “please leave me my dignity.”
Ferit tries to provide clarity and the truth about things.
They take off their wedding rings as a first step towards their divorce because she will never accept the child.

After holding back her feelings for Ferit, Seyran lets go to vent her wrath at him.
She wants to keep Ferit away from her to make it easier for her to suppress her feelings for him, but Ferit’s intransigence always gets in the way.
The more Ferit demands, the more enraged Seyran becomes because it will take more damage for her to get him to quit.

Yali Capkini episode 61 with English subtitles

Now, she hugs Ferit and says, “I don’t feel anything; kissing you and anyone else doesn’t make a difference,” hoping to convince Ferit that their love is a lie and that she hates him.
Once she’d kept Seyran at away, Ferit finally stopped chasing after him.
Her anger wanes as her true feelings begin to show.

The last scene is left unanalyzed because it was just dramatic.

But I would like to point out to you something really significant. I have never seen a successful television show before, and its biggest enemy is its audience.

While The Kingfisher is a fantastic psychological drama series, their chats and vans, their arguments and deceptive disclosures, and their inability to accept reality,

Yali Capkini

Aside from their odd examination via the door, this

Sadly, despite the fact that the show was entertaining viewers, all of these elements started to badly affect it, regardless of what the listeners desired.

The Epson party is ungrateful regardless of the severity of the evidence, the Kaison party is just concerned in the cable, and the Seyfer party is constantly incensed at the events in the series. It’s an extremely ludicrous circumstance.

Mart, Afera, Beryl, Taro, Arsen, and all the other Vans party categories are actors who always defend their favourites and make fun of the others.

favourites of others, establish a link between reality and the play, and inquire about the intentions of the performers by speaking their thoughts and interfering with their personal life.

and the subject has acquired credibility, often the reason

is that most of these parties are teenagers, and as such, they are more interested in each person’s unique interests than in the psychological components of the situation.

The 60th episode of Yali Capkini

I genuinely hope that fans start to widen their horizons and go deeper into subjects so that we can all benefit from and enjoy the experience together.

Unfortunately, though, things got out of control, and I’m now infected with this battle.

its effect by levelling unfounded charges against me in private,

On the other hand, even though they have little effect,

hand This is the first time I’ve ever felt sympathy for them, I promise.

I finished the study earlier than expected; it was a wonderful episode.

drastically, and as previously said in the episode,

is the feeling I’m glad to see a slight increase in watching because it seems like a new era has begun.

I hope the upcoming episode of Al-Ghaddar, which is joining the Friday series conflict, will be delightful and entertaining. If these requests come in often, I’m willing to conduct additional research. There weren’t many psychological assessments this week, so hopefully even a simple analysis was helpful. To sum up, you have my eternal love and appreciation .

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