Yali capkini episode 60 with english subtitles

Yali capkini episode 60 with english subtitles

Yali capkini episode 60 with english subtitles. Why did Ferit claim that marriage was never his decision, and why did Seyran disregard the second marriage?

Neither of them had any aspirations to marry the other.
And because Ferit and Seyran both lost faith in their relationship, they decided to be married a second time because they thought they were being duped.

For Seyran:

1. She had to return Ferit’s life, which he had risked for her;

2. With no other option, she would have had to go back to Gaziantep and resume her life as a slave.
Ferit was duped and made to believe a falsehood; he wed Siran to keep her safe and because he believed she loved him; otherwise, he would not have wed anyone.

“Anger to stifle affection”
After learning of Pelin’s pregnancy, Seyran leaves the palace, telling Pelin to “please leave me my dignity.”
Ferit attempts to make things clear and give the truth to it.
She will never accept the child, so as a first step towards their separation, they remove their wedding rings.

Seyran lets loose to express her rage at Ferit after suppressing her affections for him.
To make it easier for her to repress love, she wishes to keep Ferit apart from her, but Ferit’s stubbornness gets in the way every time.
Seyran gets angrier the more Ferit insists because it will take more harm for her to get him to leave.

English subtitles for episode 60 of Yali Capkini

Now, in an effort to persuade Ferit that their love is a deception and that she despises him, she embraces him and says, “I don’t feel anything; kissing you and anyone else doesn’t make a difference.”
At last, Ferit ceased pursuing Seyran after she managed to keep him at bay.
Her genuine sentiments start to come through as her wrath fades.

There is no analysis on the final scene because it was only dramatic.

However, I would want to share a very important observation with you. This is the first successful series I have ever seen, and its greatest adversary is its fan base.

The Kingfisher is a stunning psychological drama series, but the vans and their conversations, the fights and false leaks that stem from their refusal to accept truth,

Yali Capkini

Apart from their peculiar analysis from the door, this

Unfortunately, all of these factors began to negatively impact the series, even if it was entertaining viewers, regardless of what the listeners wanted.

The Seyfer party is always outraged by the events in the series, the Kaison party is only interested in the cable, and the Epson party is ungrateful regardless of the strength of the proof. The situation is incredibly ridiculous.

The actors themselves, whether Mart, Afera, Beryl, Taro, Arsen, or any other of the Vans party categories, consistently defend their favourites and disparage the

favourites of others, connect reality to the show, and delve into the performers’ motivations, voicing their minds and meddling with their private lives

and the topic has gained authority, and frequently the cause

is that the majority of these parties belong to the adolescent age group, and as such, they are not as interested in the psychological aspects as they are in the individual interests of each party.

Episode 60 of Yali Capkini

I sincerely hope that fans begin to broaden their perspectives and go deeper into things so that we can all appreciate and reap the rewards.

but regrettably, things went out of hand, and now I’m infected with this battle.

its impact by making false accusations against me behind closed doors,

While they don’t have a significant impact, on the other hand

hand I swear, this is the first time I’ve ever felt sorry for them.

I completed the study ahead of schedule; the episode was exquisite.

dramatically, and as it was said in the previous episode,

is the sentiment It feels as though a new age has begun, and I’m happy to see a little rise in watching.

With the show Al-Ghaddar entering the Friday series war arena, I hope the next episode will be enjoyable and lovely. If the requests are made frequently, I’m open to doing more analysis. I hope even a basic analysis helped you, as there weren’t many psychological analyses this week. In conclusion, you have my undying love and gratitude .

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